About us

Cassia Vetus is the name of an ancient Roman road that was built in the second century BC on the tracks of an earlier Etruscan road. The road ran along the hills on the right bank of the Arno between Arezzo and Fiesole. Later on a new Cassia road was built in the Arno Valley (Valdarno), perhaps running along the valley floor or on the hills on the left bank of the river. Cassia is therefore the shared name of the ancient road network in the Valdarno area. The network was dotted with chapels and churches, villages and bridges, and surrounded by beautiful rural landscapes where the cultivation of olives was and still remains the dominant industry.

Cassia Vetus olive oil evokes that ancient tradition of cultivation begun by the Etruscans and the further developed by the Romans. It is produced and bottled by the three communal oil mills in the Valdarno, using only olives grown on the surrounding hills. The milling system used in the three mills is among the most innovative in the world, yielding pleasant and quality oil with superior organoleptic characteristics that is rich in polyphenols, in line with the parameters required for it to obtain Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

Cassia Vetus olive oil is a new brand in the abundant line of quality food products from the Arno Valley and the hills of Arezzo. This line of products is recognized and appreciated both nationally and internationally and continues to grow along with its producers.